On speaking in tongues

1 Cor 14:4 is about the Biblical speaking in tongues where a believer speaks in a language he hasn’t learned and another believer interprets it. This lack of knowledge of the language used indicates that the message is from God. The fact that two people are involved prevents a person from making something up and then giving a false message to the church. Paul warned that if there wasn’t anyone available to give the interpretation, then the speaker should remain quiet.
(1 Cor. 14:28)

These days in parts of the church the act of praying in the Spirit mentioned in 1 Cor 14:15 and Jude 20 is done in a “prayer language.” in fact most of what passes for speaking in tongues is really the manifestation of this prayer language. There’s often no attempt to either control it or interpret it, something Paul taught against as being confusing and disorderly.

– Baptism And Tongues

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