Thanks for looking around.  This blog is a compilation of blog posts and web articles that I’ve found of value.  I read a number of blogs as part of my discipleship process and find numerous opinions helpful in sparking my mind to better understand my faith in Jesus Christ.  This blog is primarily designed for me to reflect on things that I find relevant.  You’re welcome to join me and even comment, if you’re also a disciple and this is a useful resource.  For those of you wondering, I do not necessarily agree with every thing that I post here – again these posts are designed to assist me in my learning and reflection.

About Me?  I’m not that interesting.  I’m a man in my late thirties who has spent the majority of my life living for myself and the aquisition of material wealth.  About three years ago I realized that being a so called “Christian” wasn’t meaningful and certainly wasn’t completing me.  I found Jesus Christ and His grace and became something I’d dreaded all my life, a “born again Christian.”  I now consider myself a disciple of Jesus Christ and I’m on a personal journey to learn as much about Him as I can while looking for His guidance as to how I can most effectively share the story of God’s grace and forgiveness.

I’m a father and a husband and strive daily to become the man God intended me to be; at the same time, I understand that this is a daily journey and quest.   I’m a sinner and have committed to live my life for God, not for me.

Join me on my journey . . .


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